How To Choose The Right Ladder

Some home renovation projects will require you to be pretty high off of the ground to complete. Most commonly, these home repair tasks include:

·    Cleaning Gutters

·    Hanging Christmas lights

·    Painting Walls, Ceilings & Trim

·    Installing New Light & Fan Fixtures

·    Roof Repair

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To perform these tasks without a handyman near me in tomball, tx, a homeowner will need to utilize a ladder to get the job done.

However, not all ladders are the same, and certain projects may require a specific type of ladder to ensure the utmost safety during a repair or home maintenance project.

If you aren’t sure which type of ladder you need to get the job done, consider the following guide on choosing the right ladder for the job!

Of Ladders

Step Ladder: A step ladder is a short, lightweight type of aluminum ladder with flat steps. These ladders can be extremely useful for performing maintenance on items just a foot or two higher than you can reach.

Extension Ladder: An extension ladder is a long, slender ladder that extends to a height of ten feet. These ladders come in a variety of materials, including aluminum, fiberglass, and metal with a plastic coating.

Extension ladders are ideal for projects such as hanging Christmas lights or a roof repair.

Mobile Ladders: A portable ladder can be wheeled from one place to another and is ideal for projects such as cleaning gutters while standing on a roof or washing your windows. These ladders can come in either aluminum or fiberglass.

Construction Ladder: A construction ladder is a sturdy, durable ladder that is resistant to rotting and rust. This ladder typically features steel frames and has cross braces for added structural support.

For safety, always use both hands when climbing up and down a ladder.