shower replacement

One of the best things about taking a shower is that it washes off the stress of the day. For the best relaxing effects when taking a shower, consider installing any of the following to ensure that you have a high-pressure hot water system that works when you need it most.

# 1
– Power Showers with Air Jets

A power shower has so many air jets installed that shoot water at your body for a thorough cleansing. The number and placement of jets can be customized to ensure maximum comfort and cleaning during a shower.

For example, one could have a single jet on one side of the shower or opt for multiple strategically placed jets to ensure optimum coverage during bathing. In addition, the controls of power showers are easy to use for any house member regardless of physical strength and mobility.

# 2
– Rain Shower with Handheld Massage Wand

Another way to enhance your showering experience is by installing a rain shower with a massage wand. Installation or shower replacement is easy to perform for this type of shower and can be completed quickly with the help of licensed contractors.

# 3
– Multi-Spray Handheld Shower Head

This showerhead comes with several heads that spray water at different angles. This offers a lot of flexibility in movement around the shower to get an optimal bathing experience. In addition, the multi-spray handheld shower head is easy to install, and the various parts can be replaced at any local hardware store if damaged or broken.

# 4
– Spa Shower & Tub Combo

A spa shower is typically a walk-in, self-contained unit that can be installed as an addition to a bathtub or in place of a typical shower.

Spa showers have several jets that support the body during bathing and can even be used for hydrotherapy.